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(Product : Oculus rift CV1)


What is the difference between VR game and others?

The answer is Realism.


Lately VR gears get the limelight. If interactive motion simulator, MotionGear connected with VR/AR gear, you can feel higher sensitive effect.

Because VR experience is played just in front of your eyes. So it can make you have higher concentration and immersion.



Accelerating force, first-person point of view, sense of realism with real sound and immersion.

These are better than you might think when you play the game with VR gear.

Sometimes you might touch something in the game, unconsciously.

That much you can feel like you are in real circuit, not your home.


If you’ve played normal game, maybe your palms sweat when you play the game with VR gear.


_Feel the realism.


You can play with VR gear like Oculus. We provide 5 minutes of VR experience for 1 person.

MotionGear Show Room is located in Heungdeok IT valley in KOREA, and our service hour is from 2pm to 6pm. (FREE)

Come visit us. Experience fun of driving with every fiber of your body.



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