Innovation in the field of Motion Driving Simulator

Affordable Price

GTGear is providing Full Motion Simulator with reasonable price. Our fundamental goal and vision is to make people enjoy Virtual Reality world at easy. We cut the price as Half from current market price. It is going to be big challenge for us to provide good quality of service and product with low price, but we hope as many as people enjoy this VR world with out MotionGear.

The thrill of 

Driving Experience

Simulator is the perfect video game chair support for any driving wheels and driving cockpits. The Motiongear Motion Simulator connects quickly and easily and delivers the ultimate game experience at home for thrill seeking real driving emotions around the world.

Plug and Play

In your own home, in front of your TV or computer, and feel like you’re in the middle of the action on your favorite track! Just Plug and Play! MotionGear requires just software installations and to connect to PC with USB cable. That is it. Ready to Rumble now.

Time to go

Feel the emotion of driving a true single-seater at home with the MotionGear Motion Simulator, which exactly reproduces the driving experience with racing car. Thanks to many adjustment possibilities and to its assembling easiness, every driver (both younger and older) will be able to find the best driving emotion at home. This is the best time to adopt motion platform with MotionGear Products. Enjoy!



Just plug and play, enjoy exact motion react with car movement.

Hook up with USB cable to your console or PC, and install PC Driver.

That is all you have to do enjoy motion simulator.

We are supporting all of major Racing and other simulation games,

and will add more features by updating software online.

MotionGear products will enlarge your driving experience

with perfect movement and response. Stay tuned.



Features of MotionGear

References and Places

They just enjoyed. What else?

Show Room

Our showroom is upgraded. You can play the 3 high-end simulators. Please visit our showroom and experience the trhill. MotionGear always welcome you.

Operating hour  | Mon-Fri, 2pm to 6pm

Auto Show

We participated in Busan International Motor Show 2016. Many people who interested in cars and games visited us and we provided them to feel the real driving experience.


VR Experiences

If you wear a VR headset gear, Motion game will be more exciting. Try the realistic speed and driving experience with motions. Even at home. Everyday will be thrilling days.


Motion House

  • The Motion House is a domestic company to develop or manufacturing professionally a hands-motion simulator that is suitable for machine of virtual reality. We are independently developing the core technology of the motion simulator for the electric cylinder(MHcylinder S1), The Motion control software(MHservicer) and The structure.

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